Complete staking guide of (HUAHUA)Chihuahua and its advantages

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What is the Chihuahua chain?

  • Chihuahua is the first interoperable meme coin with a POS blockchain, making it one of the most utilized chains in the Cosmos ecosystem.
  • Chihuahua is an eco-friendly Proof-Of-Stake (POS) blockchain; that communicates with other chains utilizing the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC). Our blockchain is governed by users who actively stake HUAHUA; which in turn receive rewards as well as additional rights, such as the right to vote on governance proposals and access a Community Pool with +10B HUAHUA (more than 40M dollars).

How to buy a HUAHUA meme coin?

You can buy HuaHua Token on both types of exchanges decentralized ( Known as DEX ) and centralized exchanges ( Known as CEX ).

  1. Osmosis (DEX)

We have written a complete tutorial on “how to use to buy IBC tokens”, Read it here (

2. MEXC Global

3. Injective Pro

How to stake the Huahua token?

Well after buying on the exchange you need to transfer those Chihuahua(Huahua) to a self-custodial wallet to stake.

Self custodial wallets

  1. Keplr
  2. Cosmostation IOS
  3. Cosmostation Android

After you transfer your assets to your new wallet, open to stake the Huahua token with us.

Step 1- Go to the delegate section and find the Chihuahua chain (Huahua). Click on Delegate

Step 3 -Connect your Keplr wallet

Connecting Keplr wallet to

Step 4- Approve the requesting connection to the Keplr wallet

Approving transaction in Keplr

Step 5- Input the account name and click next (remember to check the correct chain has been selected) In this case, Chihuahua

creating account name to stake

Step 6- Confirm the address is right and click save.

Confirming account in

step 7- You can now see your Chihuahua (HuaHua) balance, click on the delegate option located at the bottom right.

You're almost done Staking your HUAHUA

Step 8- A pop-up will come to select the validator, amount of HUAHUA to stake, and input gas fee. ( After filling in all details- Click Send )

Approve the delegation by confirming the transaction in Keplr

Step 9- Boom! You have successfully staked your HUAHUA token.

You can also stake your HUAHUA token in,

Just follow the procedure given in the video below.

Keplr-How to stake Chihuahua Meme Coin

How HUAHUA is connected to the Cosmos ecosystem?

Chihuahua is a blockchain built using the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint consensus. HUAHUA token is the native staking and governance asset of the Chihuahua chain. The estimated yearly consumption of the Chihuahua blockchain is less than the energy consumed by Dogecoin and Ethereum in a single day.

Interoperable with over 30 Cosmos chains due to the IBC protocol which allows transferring HUAHUA assets to the other chains in a matter of seconds.

Chihuahua has a built-in on-chain governance system. Holders of HUAHUA — the native staking token of the chain — can vote on proposals on a 1 to 1 per token vote basis.

The main interest for people in HUAHUA is the juicy staking APR

Delegating HUAHUA to one of the 125 validators in the active set increases the security of the Chihuahua network; also gives staking rewards up to 325% per year at the time of writing this.

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