How to stake Microtick - Easy Tutorial Guide

How to guide microtick

What is Microtick?

The Microtick project is a new mechanism for decentralized price discovery and trading. Its vision is to create a trading system more suited for blockchain usage where blocks come at discrete, relatively infrequent, and sometimes unpredictable times, and then build upon that vision to create a new trading paradigm that not only works better on but promotes decentralized trading over the legacy centralized paradigm.

Microtick has three distinguishing features that differ from trading platforms you’ve seen before:

  • Decoupled price discovery in separate, self-contained Schelling point consensus price markets.
  • A short-term micro-option product used to hedge consensus price volatility using the native on-chain backing token.
  • Token futures are used to trade tokenized assets using decoupled consensus prices, backed by tokens transferred on-chain through the Cosmos IBC protocol.

Promoting Decentralization

The need to be as close to trading activity in order to observe and act upon the latest price as quickly as possible is a strong force towards centralization in today’s financial markets. With this in mind, Microtick’s goal is to decouple price discovery from the actual trading of an asset and to leverage decentralized blockchain technology to promote a more stable Shelling point consensus price — as an alternative to the latest observed trade price in typically volatile markets.

Where to buy TICK Token?

So, currently, you can only buy Microtick token in the which is a decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain project built on the Cosmos ecosystem that features an automated market maker (AMM)

In order to buy something in osmosis, you will need two things

1- Some ATOM/ UST/OSMO/SCRT To swap buy Microtick( TICK)

2- A Keplr wallet extension to connect to Osmosis and store your DSM In a safe, self-custodial wallet.

Follow this article to know everything about the Osmosis zone and how to use it to buy IBC tokens ( Osmosis Guide)

How to stake TICK token?

Step 1-Next, open our website, Scroll Down on the home page. You will see the list of tokens, all with a Delegate button.

Search for the MICROTICK(TICK) token, click the Delegate button.


Step 2- Click on Delegate again.

Connecting keplr wallet to

Step 4- Select Keplr — Click Approve.

Approving transaction to import Microtick Address

Step 5- Input account name, make sure MICROTICK is selected in Import addresses for the chain. Click Next.

Selecting MicroTick Chain

Step 6- Confirm check your address is correctly added and click on save.

Importing address into

Step 7-You have successfully imported your TICK into

Next, click Delegate to proceed into the stake.

Delegate Token process

Step 8- Now select validator, input amount you want to stake, Fill gas fee as 3000, select Keplr wallet, click on Send.

Approving transaction to stake

Step 9- Approve the transaction in Keplr pop-up window.

Approving Transaction

Step 10- Congratulations, You have successfully staked your TICK with Smartnodes ( You can also see your asset allocation, rewards, balance).

TICK staked with smartnodes

About Smartnodes

  1. Smartnodes Validator offers 100% Fully refunded Slash and double sign protection.
  2. We are highly active in the cosmos and lend support where we can. We are community-driven. Smartnodes validator actively Votes on proposals to help ensure proper governance.
  3. The Infrastructure used by Smartnodes is only the Best of the Best with 10 Layers of security in place to protect your assets.
  4. We are currently validating on 28 chains and growing, check out our website for our Validator nodes. (



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