Meme Network Staking Guide ($MEME)

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4 min readMay 24, 2022
Meme network token staking guide by Smartnodes Validator
MemeMeme Network Staking Guide($MEME)

In this short tutorial guide, We will be showing you how to stake Meme-coin using Keplr Chrome Extension Wallet.

Introducing the MEME Network

-The creative powerhouse that supercharges your MEME projects with the World’s First Layer 1 solution in the Cosmos Ecosystem.

MEME tools are built to help. Powerful and user-friendly, a fun and one-of-a-kind MEME project is just a few clicks away. Members of the MEME community are capable to mint their own MEME-Token, constructing personal DAOs, or even creating interoperable applications with the advantage of Cosmos IBC. Things have never been easier in blockchain history, not until now.

Check out the official Meme twitter (MemememeNetwork)

MemeMeme Network introduction- by popular Youtuber Crypto Conscious

Also if you like to watch videos about the cosmos ecosystem and its projects, check out the Crypto Conscious channel.

Airdrop Details

Ready to claim your $MEME airdrop & enjoy up to 160% APY staking reward?

Instruction below:-

  • Visit
  • connect to your Kelpr wallet
  • $MEME should be allocated if eligible
  • Delegate/stake to a validator
  • You’re all set
  • Listing in June ( On osmosis)
Meme Airdrop-

We are pleased to announce that our $MEME Validator is now Live and we are very excited to support this new MEMEingful Cosmos project.

You can delegate your MEME token to Smartnodes and earn up to 150% APR ( Here )Project Announcement

Where can we buy the MEME token?

  1. Currently, Meme is not listed on any exchange but according to their roadmap, a listing is due in June. (

How to Stake MEME Token?

After Collecting your airdrop you need to transfer those MEME Tokens to a self-custodial wallet to stake.

After you transfer your assets to your new wallet, open to stake your MEME Tokens.

Step 1 — Go to the delegate section and find the MemeMeme Network (MEME), Click on the delegate.

 MEME is the native token to the exclusive digital art NFT platform DontBuyMEME. The platform hosts digital artists from around the world and offers its community a chance at minting NFTs by staking their MEME tokens. In return for staking, users earn redemption credits known as pineapples that are used to mint the NFT of their choice.
MemeMeme Network-

Step 2- Click on Delegate again.

Smartnodes delegate process in

Step 3 -Connect your Keplr wallet.

Connecting Memenetwork(Meme) token keplr wallet with
Connecting Keplr wallet to

Step 4- Select Keplr-Click Next- Click Approve.

Approving connection request by to access address of Meme token
Approving Keplr Integration

Step 5- Input account name, make sure MEME is selected in Import addresses for the chain. Click Next.

Adding account name and selecting Memenetwork(Meme) chain for staking purpose
Creating account name to stake-

Step 6- Confirm, check your address is correctly added, and click on save.

Confirming account Address and saving Memenetwork(Meme) new wallet
Confirming account in

Step 7-You have successfully imported your MEME tokens into

Next, click Delegate to proceed into the staking.

Delegating Memenetwork token (Meme)
Delegate to Smartnodes

Step 8- Now select validator, input the amount you want to stake, Fill the gas fee as 8000, select Keplr wallet, and click on Send.

Step 9- Approve the transaction in Keplr pop-up window.

Selecting validator as smartnodes and amount of Memenetwork(Meme) tokens to stake, approving the transaction.
Approving transaction in keplr for

Step 10- Congratulations, You have successfully staked your MEME tokens with Smartnodes ( You can also see your asset allocation, rewards, and balance).

Successfully delegated Memenetwork(Meme) tokens on
Staked MEME with Smartnodes

Learn more about the MEME project by visiting their official website.

About Smartnodes

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