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Cheqd Buying and staking guide. The Cheqd team is building a secure network that enables individuals and organizations to fully control their personal data. It allows self-sovereign identity (SSI) companies to build and deliver secure solutions to you. Through the cheqd network, anyone can verify identities quickly and securely. About SmartNodes. We are a infrastructure provider for Proof-Of-Stake blockchains and decentralized projects and offer 100% Slash and Double Sign Protection.
Where can I buy and Stake CHEQ tokens?

In this tutorial guide, We will be showing you how to stake CHEQ Token using Keplr Chrome Extension Wallet.

About Cheqd

The cheqd team is developing a secure network that gives individuals and businesses complete control over their personal data. It enables organizations that specialize in self-sovereign identity (SSI) to develop and deploy secure solutions to you. Anyone may rapidly and securely verify their identity using the cheqd network.

SSI: self-sovereign identity

What is SSI?
 In short, self-sovereign identity (SSI) is a method of identity that centres the control of information around the user. It safeguards privacy by removing the need to store personal information entirely on a central database and gives individuals greater control over what information they share. Unlike the existing system, it’s a user-centric and user-controlled approach to exchange authentic and digitally signed information in a much more secure way.
SSI Cheqd

Self-sovereign identification (SSI) is a type of identity that revolves around the user’s control of information. It protects privacy by eliminating the need to retain personal data in a central database and allows people more discretion over what information they disclose. It’s a user-centric and user-controlled solution of exchanging authentic and digitally signed information in a far more secure fashion than the current system.


$CHEQ is the native cheqd token that allows issuers, receivers, holders, and node operators to pay for digital credentials without jeopardizing users’ privacy and security.

Check out the Official CHEQ Twitter (Cheqd.io)

Cheqd Explained https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBUGvvH6t3BAYo5u41hJPzw

Ready to claim your $CHEQ & enjoy up to a 7.8% APY staking reward?

Where can we buy the CHEQ token?

  1. Osmosis.zone
  2. Bitmart
  3. Gate.io

How to Use Osmosis.zone | Everything you should know about osmosis

How to Stake CHEQ Token?

After buying on the exchange you need to transfer those $CHEQ Tokens to a self-custodial wallet to stake.

  • Self custodial wallets (most popular One’s)
  1. Keplr
  2. Cosmostation

After you transfer your assets to your new wallet, open smartnodes.one to stake your $CHEQ Tokens.

Step 1 — Go to the delegate section and find the Cheqd.io Network (CHEQ), Click on the delegate.

Smartnodes delegate process in ping.pub 100% Slashing insurance
 We offer all our delegators a protection of their funds in case of any slashing event due to downtime or technical difficulties resulting in missed blocks and rewards. Never lose any funds or miss out on any rewards due to uptime slashing.  https://smartnodes.one/#choose

Step 2- Click on Delegate again.

Delegate Cheqd to smartnodes. Security
 We use a multilayer security set up relying on private connectivities and public sentry nodes to mitigate any network attacks while maintaining continued backups and failsafe measures to optimize uptime. We use a mix of software and hardware key management solutions, 24/7 monitoring, and well-designed internal protocols to insure a highly secured architecture. https://smartnodes.one/#choose

Step 3 -Connect your Keplr wallet.

Connecting Cheqd.io(CHEQ) token keplr wallet with ping.pub what makes Cheq Network different
 Easily accessible common and public infrastructure
 Our core hypothesis is that SSI needs commercial models that accelerate its adoption. We’re providing a common and public infrastructure easily accessible to anyone and any organisation with payment rails between issuers, holders, and receivers of trusted data.
Connecting Keplr wallet to smartnodes.one

Step 4- Select Keplr-Click Next- Click Approve.

Approving connection request by Ping.pub to access address of CHEQ token
Approving Keplr Integration https://smartnodes.one/

Step 5- Input account name, make sure CHEQ is selected in Import addresses for the chain. Click Next.

Adding account name and selecting Cheqd.io(CHEQ) chain for proof of stake  purpose. Where can I buy CHEQ tokens?  If you are looking to buy or sell CHEQD Network, BitMart is currently the most active exchange. Send your $CHEQD token to your Keplr Wallet and then you can delegate your tokens to Smartnodes Validator.
Creating account name to stake-https://smartnodes.one/

Step 6- Confirm, Check your address is correctly added, and click on save.

Confirming account Address and saving Cheqd.io(CHEQ) new crypto wallet
Confirming account in smartnodes.one

Step 7-You have successfully imported your CHEQ tokens into Smartnodes.one

Next, click Delegate to proceed into the staking.

Delegating Cheqd.io token (CHEQ)
Delegate to Smartnodes

Step 8- Now select validator, input the amount you want to stake, Fill the gas fee as 3500, select Keplr wallet, and click on Send.

Step 9- Approve the transaction in Keplr pop-up window.

Selecting validator as smartnodes and amount of Cheqd.io(CHEQ) tokens to stake, approving the transaction.
Approving transaction in keplr for smartnodes.one

Step 10- Congratulations, You have successfully staked your CHEQ tokens with Smartnodes ( You can also see your asset allocation, rewards, and balance).

Successfully delegated Cheqd.io(CHEQ) tokens on Smartnodes.one
Staked CHEQ with Smartnodes

Learn more about the CHEQ project by visiting their official website.

About Smartnodes

  1. Smartnodes Validator is a Proof of Stake service which offers 100% Slash and Double Sign Refund Protection.
  2. We are highly active in the cosmos and lend support where we can. We are community-driven. Smartnodes validator actively Votes on proposals to help ensure proper governance.
  3. The Infrastructure used by Smartnodes is only the Best of the Best with 10 Layers of security in place to protect your assets.
  4. We are currently offering Proof of Stake services for 33 Cosmos chains such as Secret Network -$SCRT, Cosmos -$ATOM , KAVA -$KAVA, Juno -$JUNO, Comdex -$CMDX and Osmo -$OSMO. Check out our website for our Validator nodes. Smartnodes.one .
  5. In case of any other questions, please feel free to reach out to a team member on our social media or by mail at hello@smartnodes.on

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SmartNodes is a Proof-of-Stake infrastructure for blockchains. Get Rewarded by Staking your Crypto Assets. Fast, Easy & Secure https://smartnodes.family

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SmartNodes is a Proof-of-Stake infrastructure for blockchains. Get Rewarded by Staking your Crypto Assets. Fast, Easy & Secure https://smartnodes.family